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Who are we? That really is a loaded question. We could give you the bland answer of: “We are a private training facility that offers private, semi private and group personal training.” While that is true, we hardly think that that defines us.

Who we are is really a movement, a family if you will, of motivated people and our motivation is YOU and YOUR goals. Who we are not is your typical gym. We are not here to let you use our equipment without any guidance. We are not here to throw you into a workout of the day in some group class herd. We are here to guide you on your way to your goals. We aren’t here to put you into “our program”, we’re here to help you find “your program”. We are a break from your typical gym, we dare to be different.

So, with this, we dare you to be different as well. We dare you to put yourself first, to find out what it’s like to be a part of our successful, driven community and find out just who we are. Who are we? We’re the people dedicated to YOUR success and you should never settle for anything less.



Tailored Personalized Workouts Designed For Your Body

Nutritional Support by Registered Dietition

Friendly & Supportive Certified Staff

World-Class Accountability



I have been a member of NEPA Fit Club since February 2017. I started with a challenge. I hadn't been at a gym in 30 years. I joined with my daughters. The gym accommodates all ages and abilities.

You would never think you would see such dramatic results in 6 weeks. I felt so much better. I dropped 2 sizes

I fell in love with the gym. Mike and all the trainers are there to help you. I matter to them. They make you feel important. We are a family. I am a stronger and more confident person because I joined the NEPA Fit club. Thanks for all you do!

Michele Uhranowsky, Google Review

The staff truly cares about its members; goes above and beyond to make sure we have the tools for success; always asks for feedback; & involves us in decision making.

I love the atmosphere, structure, & creativity of the classes- makes me look forward to attending class several times a week; also love the challenges(they teach me so much about overall health & implement permanent healthy changes into my daily habits)

Brenda Bader, Google Review

If you are new to working out or have been out of the gym scene for a while, NEPA Fit club is the place for you! They have experienced and knowledgeable trainers at every class.

The also have small group, more individualized, training sessions. Having new been very serious about my physical health I found this place to be genuinely wonderful.

They are educational and never make you feel lacking in your knowledge of gym equipment or practices. Overall a great experience at this gym. An easy 5 stars

Ryan Berry, Google Review

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